Meet The Hotelier Behind Castello Di Vicarello In Maremma In Italy

Meet The Hotelier Behind Castello Di Vicarello In Maremma In Italy

Neri Baccheschi Berti shares the story off his family’s stunning estate ‘Castello di Vicarello’ in Italy’s Maremma.
Anna Caldana
Apr 20, 2021

84Rooms: Tell me a little bit about Castello di Vicarello?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

My parents found it in the early 80s, when they saw it they just fell in love with it, but at the time my mother used to be in fashion designing, she used to have her own label and my father used to import furniture. They were both living in Indonesia in Bali and Vicarello at the time was a ruin, so for about 10 more years they kept living in Indonesia, but then they decided to change their life, come back to Vicarello and renovate the place, it took about 11 years to renovate the propriety and it was opened it in 2003. The hotel started with three rooms, then four and then five. (They start to extend it.). 4 years ago I decided to change my life as well, I used to be a Banker in Zürich, I ended up travelling between London and Hong Kong. Then I decided to change my life. I came over to Vicarello and started taking care of the property. Now I’m 4 years in, we are developing some new suites. We arrived at 10 suites and it’s been a very exciting time.

84Rooms: What is the ethos that underpins the experience in your hotel?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

I would say that our philosophical ideal that underlies the customer experience is comfortable, authentic, and familiar this means that our clients need to feel extremely comfortable in an ambient that is very familiar to them, this is starting from the very first day in, so there is a lot of thoughts behind it and that is not so easy to make it happen, but I think we have all the characteristics in order to make it happen. Of course, we want to give them a unique experience, but a unique experience is not just about an activity that they experience, but it’s about the old stay, from the amenities, the accommodation to the people, to the food and I think we doing it very well.

84Rooms: What is your favorite room or place in the hotel?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

Glass room, it’s one of my favourite spots, because it’s so immersed in nature, it's connected with the main area of the castle big living area, the dining room and the medieval kitchen, it’s a very special spot and then It’s all glass completed connected with nature, it’s very inspiring, a lot of Ideas are coming when you are in there, I think a lot when I’m setting this room. And maybe another room is The Spa Suite, it’s something completely different. it’s modern in touch, as well immersed in nature, a lot of privacy and it’s my first project in Vicarello.

84Rooms: What are your future projects/plans with Castello di Vicarello?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

We would love to arrive 15 suites, but no more than that because we want to keep the exclusivity and privacy that we have at Castello di Vicarello we would love to build the new church, now we are actually going to renovate the existing church, a Romanic church from XI century and we also going to renovate the Tower of the castle and that’s going to be a new suite.

84Rooms: Have you ever thought about opening another hotel?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

Yes, we thought to open another hotel and we are actually doing it now, we are opening a new hotel in Milan and it’s going to be called Vico Milano with only 11 suites. it’s going to be placed in the centre of Milan, and it’s going to have the same philosophy of Vicarello, a little bit less of services, but the same approach of authenticity, familiarity and comfort.

84Rooms: Where do you travel to in your free time and do you have a favorite hotel you always go to?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

I would say all over the place, there are few places where I try to go every year, for example, Amalfi Coast and Sifnos, an island in the Cyclades. I try to do a new trip to a new country every year too, to discover the whole country and I normally do it by motorcycle or in the car, so these trips are quite an adventure. (In addition, Neri's favorite hotels, where he goes very often: "Casa Angelina" and "JK Capri").

84Rooms: What kind of guest is Castello di Vicarello most suited to?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

It’s not an easy question, because we have many different kinds of people from actors, lawyers, to entrepreneurs and people that work in finance. It’s very diverse. But the most common one is the romantic escape, we have a lot of couples and honeymooners.

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84Rooms: What are the things you most recommend to your client to do as an experience in your area?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

Castello di Vicarello is a lovely spot because we are between Rome and Florence. The surroundings of this piece of Tuscany Maremma is really stunning. We are 30 minutes away from the Montalcino area with all the Brunello, and some lovely medieval villages, like Pienza, San Quirico D'Orcia, Bangi Vignone. We also have Siena 40m away. We have the seaside tour Castiglione Della Pescaia or the old Argentario coast. For sure I would also recommend our clients to do some activity here, from the wine tasting with my brother, he’s the winemaker of our own wine, which makes it interesting also because our wine is extremely special and organic, for the way we produce it. Or cooking classes, but we offer many different activities.

84Rooms: What are the things you prefer to do in your area that only the locals know?

Neri Baccheschi Berti:

I like to go on Sunday to Arcidosso, there’s an amazing local Bakery call Corsini. Also excursion in the wild Maremma countryside. Locals love searching for mushrooms… ( and checking what it’s going on).

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