Parco dei Sesi

Pantelleria, Italy

Parco dei Sesi

Parco dei Sesi is a beautiful and vast property in the heart of the archeological Sesi park in Pantelleria, overlooking the sunset and Africa at just 200 meters from the sea. Black volcanic stone architecture seamlessly integrated into the landscape, surrounded by an environment filled with history and natural beauty, secular traditions and rhythms of slow living. With a dedicated attention to detail we have brought to the rooms our love of raw materials, imperfections, selected objects and art to create beautiful harmonious and relaxing spaces.

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  • Situated in the archeological park of the Sicilian island of Pantelleria in the middle of the Mediterranean sea
  • Offers various types of accommodations: one dammuso able to host up to 7 people, a master suite, 4 deluxe double rooms, 3 double rooms
  • Dedicated attention to detail they have brought to the rooms their love of raw materials, imperfections, selected objects, furniture and art to create beautiful harmonious and relaxing unique design spaces
  • Well stocked kitchen
  • Living room with amazing curated exteriors
  • Swimming pool and a huge deck nested in the wild nature with more than 100 seats for gatherings such as weddings and retreats.
  • Surrounded by nature with spectacular views of the sea, facing the sunset and Africa
  • This iconic property built by the artist Filippo Panseca today offers high-end accommodations and an artist residence.

When to go

  • Pantelleria is more known as a magical summer gateway, however we believe it has much more to offer all year long

Ideal for

  • Conscious travellers and creative souls looking to be inspired by a rough and powerful environment, yoga or wellness retreats seeking a unique landscape in Europe, weddings in a magical and unique landscape, holiday with friends in a serviced high-end home, romantic escape.


  • It is one of the largest private properties on the island with up to 22 sleeping arrangements and capable of hosting events for large private gatherings.


  • Rates start at EUR. 220 / night
Local Guide


  • Parco dei Sesi in collaboration with A’Nica Gallery, will invite artists in the lower season as a desire to carry on integrating art into the property and into time. Like its founders that have settled here their creative studio in the 70’s, they want to invite creative souls to be inspired, enrich and share a collection of art.


  • The gardens empowered by the rich and nutrient volcanic soil as well as the precious knowledge of their ancients, brings to life the most tasteful and unique varieties of homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs ect. They lovingly produce organic Passito wine, capperi, extra-virgin olive oil, olives, fruits and vegetables.
  • On top of their own production they work with selected local organic farms and fishermen to bring to the table daily fresh organic products like local tumma cheese, dried tomatoes, zibibo wine ect. Every season they invite a young talented chef to offer their guests the delicious fruit of our cultivations.

Good to know

  • Parco dei Sesi curates a program of expeditions throughout the heart of the island, from volcanoes and fumaroles to ancient ruins and caves. Discover the island through passionate and knowledgeable people who will guide you throughout this stunning journey far from tourists’ paths.
  • They commit to provide every guest the most memorable stay in Pantelleria. From wedding organization to a couple’s romantic escape their team of professionals will accompany each one’s journey for an unforgettable holiday experience rooted in excellency.

Don't miss

  • Each summer season Parco dei Sesi will invited a wellness trainer so guests may carry on or initiate themselves to yoga, meditation or fitness during their stay.

How to get there

  • By Air: The Island of Pantelleria is well connected to major Italian cities. It has its own airport and especially during the summer, the links with the main Italian airports are frequent. It’s an 10 min drive to the property.

  • By Ferry: The other gateway to the Island of Pantelleria is the port. There are no direct links with the main Italian ports, so it's necessary to put in at Trapani and from there board the ship Siremar or take one of the island ferries. Cars can be loaded as well as passengers, but it is advisable to book this well in advance. Pantelleria has two ports: that of Pantelleria and that of Scauri; usually the docking is scheduled at the larger port of Pantelleria, but under certain weather conditions the port may be changed to Scauri. The ferry crossing takes about 5 ½ hours and costs 25 euros in an economic seat in low season and 30 euros in high season.

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