Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat

Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain

Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat

Cal Reiet is a manor house built in 1881 and situated on the edge of the village of Santanyí in south-eastern Mallorca, surrounded by a magical, almost enchanted garden. There are only about 300 meters from the village to the property, but you still have the feeling that it is far away. Sufficiently far away to provide its guests with moments in which they experience one thing above all: themselves. Cal Reiet – featuring a beach and enchanting bays in the immediate vicinity – is not a typical hotel at all. Its owners run it as a holistic retreat. For good reasons. We know a few.

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  • Cal Reiet, which means „House of the Little King“, features 15 rooms and suites
  • It also houses some pieces of the owner‘s furniture, such as a secretary or a cupboard. It‘s like spending a holiday with friends


  • There are houses where you can feel the DNA of their history. Cal Reiet is such a house. It was built in 1881 as summer residence of the Catalan shipowner family Escalas. A place of great and small love affairs, musical soirees and poetry slams. Its symmetrical arrangement of the windows, the square floor plan on three levels are more reminiscent of an Italian villa. In the tower of the building today is a charming suite, allowing a view in all directions

Wine & Dine

  • Rafel Mulet's cuisine is designed for vegans and vegetarians. Neither meat nor fish are served in the Holistic Retreat. He sources almost 80 percent of the vegetables from his own garden. Tomatoes, eggplants, ball pepper, herbs and cabbage and potatoes. The rest is provided by a nearby organic farm
  • Mulet and his team produce almond milk and vegan cheese in-house, they cook on a low-carb basis and do without industrial sugar and white flour. A Detox Juice Scheme is in line with the „clean eating“ approach. Every evening, the team creates a menu which is pleasing to the eye, beneficial for the stomach and a blessing for the soul. You dine at large tables


  • No dresscode


  • Rooms start at € 230 / night
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  • Cal Reiet a house of friendship - a place for like-minded travellers and locals alike to meet, connect and share experiences. An oasis away from everyday life where you can rejuvenate, grow and reconnect with your true-self. Cal Reiet’s aim is to create a magical place, where guests can find inspiration, joy and harmony within

When to go

  • The hotel is closed in January & February. Lovely times are April & May and late summer


  • Through their retreat offerings they showcase tools for individuals to explore the connection of body, mind and spirit. They embrace lifelong learning, and their intention is not to be everything to everyone, but rather, to offer each individual their own space in which to grow

Don't miss

  • Visit the charming and historic old town of Palma, with its narrow streets, tiny boutiques and hidden squares. Perfect for a day trip

How to get there

  • Fly into Palma de Mallorca which is a 40 min drive. Palma is served very well by major european airlines
  • We recommend a car rental at the airport. Makes life easier on Mallorca
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